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Name: Wang Xiaofang
Occupation: Composer, Musician (Drums, Chinese Dulcimer, Vocals), Painter

A few words to say:

I finally realized what music and painting share in common. I‘ve turned my notes into colors, and in this way I can have numerous dreams and be free …
1962 born in Tianjin, finished primary and high school in Tianjin

1975 enrolled by the preparatory class of Tianjin Song and Dance Theater, in the same year entered the Attached High School of Tianjin Conservatory to study Yangqin (Chinese Dulcimer)

1986 enrolled by China Broadcasting Art Troupe, Beijing, worked with pop music and began to know rock‘n‘roll

1991 formed Chinese first female rock band "Cobra", as drummer and vocals

1991-1996 attended music and art festivals in countries as UK, Germany, Switzerland, US and Holland

2000 composed experimental music and took part in the acting of avant-garde drama

2001 attended „China Festival“ in Berlin/Germany as member of world music group "Wang Yong"

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 publication of paintings in the annual "Chinese Contemporary Art"

2002 June - August exhibited paintings in Bernau near Berlin/Germany

2002 July worked with German artist Traudbert Erbe in Berlin/Germany

2002 August exhibited paintings and performed in Berlin art pub "Die kleine Weltlaterne"

2003 September published new CD with Dou Wei and Wen Bin "Mu Liang Wen Wang" in China

2003 October attended and performed with Yangqin at blacklight gallery at the U3 U-Bahn station at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin/Germany

2003 October exihibited paintings at "Gallerie Brille" in Berlin/Germany

2003 November performed at the 25 year anniversary of women's refuge in Lübeck (Germany) with Yu Jin (former COBRA member)

2004 June attended "Helan Mountain Rock Music Festival" in Ningxia province with a newly formed "new Cobra"

2004 December published second CD with Dou Wei and Wen Bin "Mu Liang Wen Wang"

2005 June started to teach Music (Yangqin and Western drums) at the Western Academy of Beijing (Jing Xi Xue Xiao)

2007 February attended "The Music of the World" Spring Festival event in Singapore as member of world music group "Wang Yong" 

2007 October performed with Dou Wei in Macao playing Yangqin

2007 published a painting "Pollution" in the annual "Chinese Contemporary Art"

2008 performed with band "Bu Yi Ding" at "798" and published live CD "798"

2008 May performed with Italian and Japanese artist in "798", a live live CD is available at "798"

I took a strong interest in colors in 1993 and began to paint. Color has ever since become my new friend, my silent notes.

Last update: January 06, 2009